Are you information promiscuous?

Picture this:
You had a big night, given your phone number to a cute stranger, started talking for a while, got on well, then it turns sour…

…how does this end?

Well, it could end nicely (which we all hope putting making this blog useless) or it could end badly (…so much for happy endings)

Bad…how bad, well, you’ve heard the stories.

What can you do now…well, you have to change your number, get a bodyguard, put out a restraining order, hide your details from the Internet, get valium, etc, etc, etc…


if you’ve been practising good OpSec you could have done:

  • Got a ‘burn’ phone so that you don’t have to change numbers should things go wrong
  • Use aliases on social media/posts/etc to avoid being cyber stalked
  • Not give too much information about where you live, your full name, etc so that physical tracking attempts would be limited

Only to think that it all started by giving your number away…you can be promiscuous without being a target.

Prevention is definitely better than cure.