A few definitions

OpSec: Operational Security: an art used to stop/limit pieces of the target’s information that can be collected by The Enemy.
Enemy: Anyone with intent of making your life a living hell
Information: Piece of a puzzle that can be used by The Enemy to come up with a profile about you. Could be personal information or information that can be used to help narrow down a search.
Hell: extortion, fraud, stalking, harassment, and any other bad thing you can think of
Target: you, your family, friends, etc
Consequence: stress, recovery, damage control, any appropriate mop up operation
Risk: level of comfort one can take before going crazy
Burn ‘stuff’: Communication devices that you can toss if you are experiencing too much heat in the kitchen.
SocEng: Social Engineering: Tech term for a person with good communication skills (or good hacker) or con artist (or bad hacker) to get information for some sort of gain.
White Hat: Good hacker
Grey Hat: Somewhat in the middle hacker
Black Hat: Bad hacker
Motive: a personal goal, depends on how bad you are. Badness varies on scale to bad to oh s..t!
Targeted Attack: an attack tailored specifically for you.

This list is updated regularly, stay tuned for more.


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